Author Sally Kauffman is a mother of four and a grandmother to ten. She has been a nurse for more than forty years, and a school nurse for twenty-nine of those years. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

From the book’s Introduction, Sally writes:

“The intention for this book was
For my grandson.
I am so very proud of him for his journey.
After he graduated high school, he tried a technical school. It was a challenge and he had a great learning curve to overcome. However, every time I texted him or called him, he always responded the same way, “I’m great.” When I would ask how everything was going his response was great! I don’t know if he sent it to me to make me feel better or if he really meant it. So Jeremy, go out in the world with your greatness.
As I began writing I realized that everyone’s journey should be with greatness every day. Here are many ways to remind ourselves, our families, our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors, and the world about our greatness.”

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